5 Things About Bridgit Mendler

Bridgit Mendler facts
Ready or not, Bridgit Mendler is ready to claim her crown as bubblegum pop princess. Move over Carly Rae! Here's five facts about the Disney songstress.

1. Bridgit's story is a tale as old as time

Starting out like many Disney pop ingenues before her (I'm looking at you Miley, Demi & Selena), Bridgit originally found fame for her role on kids romp 'Good Luck Charlie'. It wasn't until 2012 that she moved into music and unleashed her infectious Fugees inspired debut single on the US. Whilst continuing to film for her Disney show and having started university in January, Bridgit has decided to use her downtime to spread the Mendler magic across the Atlantic. Time well spent.

2. 'Ready or Not' has one of the best pop lyrics of the decade

I like your face, do you like my song?
Not many popstars have the balls to ask their listeners outright whether they think their latest track is any good. At least Bridgit goes about it by prefacing it by saying she thinks we look decent first. Not just a pretty face herself, Bridgit co-wrote every track on her 'Hello My Name Is...' LP. Impressive! I look forward to the day when I meet Bridgit and can ask her "I like your song, do you like my face?" The answer better be yes, Bridg.

3. Bridgit shouldn't give up her day job

Bridgit Mendler facts, drawing a duckBridgit Mendler facts, drawing a cartoon
Bridgit, I'm sure you're a lovely girl and I think your album is wonderful, but I think it's probably best you leave the cartoons to the pros. What even is that? A duck-beaver?

4. Bridgit isn't afraid to mix it up

Bridgit's US follow-up single is the staccato, Cher Lloyd-esque 'Hurricane', mixing up her usual pop style with a playful rap. When talking about her album to Just Jared Jr, Bridgit described the set as a mix of "funky, jazzy, pop music with a little bit of R&B." As one of Bridgit's favourite tracks to perform live, 'Hurricane' deserves to be on everyone's spring party playlist.

5. Bridgit is a fan of amazing pop

As well as producing decent tunes herself, Bridgit also makes time to listen to the musical output of her fellow pop frontrunners. Tegan & Sara's 'Heartthrob' is teetering atop the 'Best albums of 2013' list already, with the opening single 'Closer' marking a departure from their six previous, lower-key LPs. Bridgit enjoyed album track 'I Was a Fool' so much that she has put her own acoustic spin on it for her YouTube channel. If you like the sound of this, look our for 'Hold on For Dear Love' on Bridgit's own record, it's both one of mine and Bridgit's favourites from the album.


'Ready or Not' is now available on iTunes UK

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